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BLOG Edition#3 2021

Hello !  It's blog o'clock !  Time for me to update you on what has been happening of late here at Scruffy Dog Silver !

So as we roll over into May...  and restrictions are slowly lifting... pawscrossed, for good...  I think it's time, once again to reset the sails on my little business...  Over the past 18 months, there has been alot of that... but... the most important thing is... I'm still here, still trading and still absolutely LOVING what I do... and yes... still here in Northampton...  we had to take a step back on our intended house move to our beloved Cornwall...  we were always very specific in where we wanted to go and with the chaotic state of the housing market in that part of the world and the then brewing long lockdown... it just seemed a sensible thing to do.   This past winter has been really tough... I'll make no bones about that... but I very much feel there has been a welcome shift... the sunshine helps enormously... and also taking the plunge... quite literally in taking up open water swimming at our local reservoir... How much FUN is THAT !!!  Oh my WORD !!!  Meeting new likeminded folks... seeing giant smiles... achieving something new... it's been massive !  I made a pledge to myself to get out and try new things once we could... and I am so so so pleased I did...  I find too that as I am swimming about, my mind focuses, and some of the ideas that have been dropping into my head are fabulous... whether that be jewellery designs, or bespoke ideas for folks, or things to natter about on social media... keeping all the plates spinning happily which keeps ScruffyDog rolling along...  

It's fabulous too to see events slowly being scribbled back into the diary...  After a year of only being able to trade online, my stash of ready made treasures I use to have at hand to trade with at Fairs and Markets dwindled right down as the emphasis shifted to a more 'make to order' way of life... I need now to gently reverse that and get myself show ready once again...  Despite being supremely excited... realistically I am looking at Autumn\Winter events... as this summer I hope to cram in all the things that were cancelled out last year... Beach holidays, music festivals, VW shows, scoffing pizza up the park with Friends...  There is so so much to catch up on !

In the more immediate term we decided to overhaul our back garden...  giving The Shed a much needed joosh up too...  At the minute I am very much in the middle of a maelstrom of mud and madness and beginning to feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew...  The end game being somewhere lovely we can relax and dine... but a beautiful workspace for me and also being able to potentially invite folks by appointment to the workshop and ScruffyDogShop...  how awesome would it be to sit, have a brew, a slice of cake and sketch out designs and discuss your ideas for any bespoke work...  but... I have a long way to go yet !!!  And the rain today is not helping matters AT ALL !!!  Oh who would have a supremely hairy dog or two !!!  

ScruffyDogs they truly are !!!

Toodlepip everyone...
Thanks so very much for supporting both me and my small business... hope to see you out and about in person very soon !
Steph x