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Goodbye 2019

As the year draws to a close I thought it right to pen a few words...  It's been a year to remember for all sorts of reasons... from being impossibly fizzy at finally going fulltime with ScruffyDog, after the enormous wait and all those plans I made... Suddenly and without warning my heart and soul was needed elsewhere and all things stopped for a while.  

Getting back to a new 'normal' is ongoing for me and my Family and without the love and support of so many Friends and also you lovely folks I natter to in my ScruffyDogWorld I would be struggling a lot further back along the track... 

Soon it will be a new year, a new decade and I need to begin in earnest popping one paw in front of the other and get back properly to business.  I owe it to myself to give it the best shot I can.  

After some real time out after the impossibly manic build up to Christmas which left me quite ragged... I feel stronger.  I've begun to think towards the future and have tentatively been making new plans.  I've also climbed back into the Shed after the longest spell away from it and have let myself simply... 'play'...  I am delighted to find the old fizz returning and the genuine joy at being creative and losing yourself in doing something you love.  It's healing.  

I have signed up already to a heap of spring fairs, some old favourites... some new... to help spread my wings...  I feel properly quite excited again.

The ScruffyDogWebsite has been switched back fully online... and I have made the decision to gently move away from Etsy... its been a fabulous stepping stone to get me to where I am now... but all energies I think should be dedicated to my very own Website and offer that full on Stephie personal service.  

So before I head to the Shed to continue getting back into the swing of things, I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU for all the support, the orders, the words of encouragement.... and all those delicious gingerbread dinosaurs that magically appear...  ScruffyDog has always been more than me just bashing bits of precious metal and hoping to sell it...  It's now a way of life... it's a part of me.  Time for new adventures.  

Wishing each of you a very Happy New Year...  don't forget to raise a glass to those in your thoughts and to make a wish at midnight.

Much love,

Steph x