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MAY News

Well HELLO Maytime !!! 

I thought I'd take a quiet moment and have a round up of my latest happenings...

The BIGGEST news... if you've not already gathered... is I am now officially FULLTIME ScruffyDog !!! 

The day job has ended *fanfare*...  after 2 impossibly long years of knowing redundancy was coming... planning, prepping, thinking I was ready for it... It's finally happened !!!  I still can't really believe it... it all feels incredibly odd... and it's been a lot harder than I thought it would be...  so after a few impromptu days at the Coast and letting the sea air work its magic on my soul... I'm now more than ready to throw myself into all things and see what happens next!  

Lots of laptop wrestling is planned initially... getting my website brimming full of treasures that can be happily made to order... such a time consuming little task that I never seemed to ever find space for...  but now there is no excuse !  I have created a little lounge area outside The Shed where I'm hoping that on warm sunny days I can be perched outside and munch my way through endless listings and getting all things ship shape !

Same goes for my Etsy Shop...  I have ooodles of ready to go pieces that need photographing, editing and listing...  just a little bit each day will soon add up...  I always need a dollop of sunshine to take quality snaps as I prefer to use natural light and let the silver sparkle... so I'm looking forward to having alot more opportunity to do this and do it properly... maybe experiment a little more and try new things.

I have a GIANT event at the end of this month... a 3 dayer over the Whitsun Bank Holiday...  I can be found at the Crick Boat Show... Britain's biggest inland waterways festival... something totally new for me...  I'm really excited and am looking forward to making a heap of new designs especially for it...  I've been messing about with my rolling mill... doodling about with texture... I'll let you peep when I have some pieces finished... its so good to actually have playtime... honestly... I simply can't believe it... no more endless juggling and craziness... being able to slow life down a bit and do something you absolutely love is better than winning jackpot on the lottery.

I know I am a very very lucky girl.

Steph x