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Spring Blog 2022

Deep breath !   

Boooiiiiiiiinnnng and suddenly we have bounded into British Summer Time ! Although I am scribbling out this blog bathed in warm spring sunshine sat at the kitchen table... if I look out the back door...the garden and deck are covered in thick frost... The Woofs are LOVING it !  Rolling like loons !

We wave goodbye to March... it was a fab month for me...  Alongside some house renovation and decorating which meant I had heaps of folks visiting, from chimney fixers to roofers to the Virgin Media Man coming to sort out my spaghetti wiring and the most splendid decorator chap who matched me in the cake scoffing stakes whilst he made my lounge beautiful... it's been hectic... but FUN...  It's meant weirdly that to stop out of their way all day, I lived in The Shed and as a result became really productive... fuelled on endless cuppa's (Wow - do TradesFolks love their tea!!!) and slabs of cake and plates of biscuits with every cup !

March also saw me venture out and about with ScruffyDog... my first PopUpShop of the year parked up outside my local Bakery and the following day finally back to Grendon for the Daffodil Festival after missing it for 2 years due to the pandemic... what an amazing weekend THAT was... I was absolutely overwhelmed with seeing so many happy familiar faces and being able to catch up with people properly... it's been so long...  Feedback on my new work was all positive and that gave me a giant confidence boost too... You forget all these little things, or took them for granted before... being online is phenomenally fab, but genuine interaction and connecting with people is everything... It is for me... as a person and as a maker.  There is no hiding... It's REAL... 

I also managed to get to my linocut course with Kat... I was booked in back in January on her 'Animal' Day but life sometimes throws a curveball and I had to cancel it... Kat kindly had me back on Wednesday and let me continue with the idea I had even though her theme for the day was landscapes... it was a fantastic experience... I was SO nervous... totally out of my comfort zone... and my thinking had to be totally rewired to understand the creative process... Kat is a wonderful, natural, teacher and rather than chatter on - let me show you what we did !  She sketched out the shape... I scratched it all out... Kept me quiet for a few hours !  Tongue sticking out... scoffing custard creams...  it was a MARVELLOUS day !  I have a little linocutting kit and hope to now play in my on time... the plan is to be able to create my own notecards and wrapping paper perhaps for giftwrapping treasures in the future !  How cool would that be !

So THIS Month... shaping up to be another beautifully busy one with DIY plans... it never ends!!!  Each job in our crazy old house tends to create at least three !!!  Event wise... you can find me back at the brilliant 'Meet The Makers Market' in Buckingham on Saturday... organised by the smasher that is Emma from PIN Clothing, as a trader, it's a dream to show at... fabulous venue surrounded by amazing makers...  it's always a great day... it really is...

Easter Saturday sees me venturing someplace new to pitch up the PopUpShop... The VW gets to zoom over to Pitsford to T's... They are having a full on Easter Weekender with all sorts of activities... Looks like alot of fun... Woofer friendly too... so my two herberts may very well tag along !  Watch OUT !

This month also see's my 3rd year anniversary of being full time ScruffyDog after being made redundant from the day job... now that just shows how fast time flies... THREE YEARS ! (Remembering I began this craziness back in 2011 simply as a hobby!)  That's bonkers... and oh life sure has changed in that time... but somehow I'm still going... I still absolutely love what I do... I love learning, I love the challenge... I know I am a very very lucky lady...  Opportunities come and go... and a fresh one just has bubbled up and I've decided to grab it with both paws...  I am venturing back into having space in a real bricks and mortar shop...  Back to Olney...  Some of you will already know Katie and I have traded with her over the years so I know it works and we compliment each other well... More details will follow but I'm heading over to meet her for pancakes next week and discuss space and ideas for my ScruffyDog ShopCollection... I am so so very chuffed to be asked...  Exciting huh !  I'm all a bit fizzy !

We hope to wrap up this month with a cheeky jaunt to our favourite place on this planet... Cornwall... Some of you will know that around her 15th Birthday Muffin had some sort of wobble... still unsure what it was, possibly a stroke, but she has bounced back... and I know our wonderful old lady, despite being a determined force in spirit (Believe me!!!  Oh she has become so mischevious, she makes us giggle!!!) needs a little help to get around... long walks are out... well... were... one of my lovely Customers suggested this fantastic contraption !  There is no stopping us all now !  Long walks are BACK... Trips to the beach are BACK... Bimbles around Bodmin Moor are BACK... she can do what she wants now... gently plod when she fancies it... or get wheeled about like a Queen... It sure does make Folks smiles when they see her !  We were stopped by a lovely lady this week and she told us we had made her day... she used to have Beardies... a very special kind of Dog...

Watch out for us !  You can't miss us now !!!  *BIG SMILE*  Honk Honk !

Catch you later !

Steph x