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Blog #8 Autumn 2022

Before we begin... can someone please explain to me how EXACTLY it is more than half way through September already ! There is most definitely an autumnal feel in the air... It is a beautiful month... but I am so not ready to give up on my summer just yet...

Since we last spoke I did indeed fix up and decorate The Shed ahead of the cold months coming... Nothing a great big dollop of waterproof sealant didn't fix... and when I speak of a dollop... I mean a DOLLOP! It went everywhere... it had a mind of its own... but The Shed should be waterproof once again hopefully for evermore !!!

 then decided to totally empty it out... give it a giant clean up and repaint... I had some sunshine yellow paint leftover from recently jooshing up my bathroom and it was perfect... it's warm and happy... Much to Mr D's dismay I then had the urge to visit our local Ikea for some nifty wall mounted organisational gizmo's, some new roof blinds and a funky little trolley... but I was good... I only went for what I needed... no random candles, potted plants or daim bars found their way in to my bag ! This is unheard of ! Believe me !

Craft Fair season is very much coming up to full throttle... I have already done one and had a fabulous time over at The Mud Kitchen Cafe last weekend... I shall be returning for their Christmas event in December...

Behind the scenes things are really gathering pace... all makers have as much responsibilty to promote the events they've chosen to trade at to make it as successful as possible for all involved. I have fliers and posters to distribute... I've got to work up the courage and try some live content on social media and knuckle down and figure out what 'reels' is all about... This happens in tandem to making a heap of beautiful makes to showcase on my ScruffyDogStall...

Up NEXT is the Buckingham Meet The Makers Market run by Emma at Pin Clothing... I have traded here a number of times and Em never fails to put on a cracker of an event... There is a marvellous pop up tea room as well as it being woofer friendly... Absolutely well worth a trip over... Buckingham itself is a fab little town... lots of indie shops and eateries... This is Saturday 15th October at the Buckingham Community Centre.

After this is another BIGGIE... a brand new event call The Incredible Makers Christmas Market... again run by fellow makers... Louise, Ruth and James from Louise Crookenden Johnson Pottery and Ray of Soap... This is being held in a beautiful venue... The Kettering Arts Centre at St Andrew Church... Those of you with fab memories will remember this is where the awesome Etsy Markets were held... such a fab vibe... plenty of parking, pop up food and refreshments and if you are an early bird and are one of the first 50 folks through the door you will be gifted with a goody bag... I have just pulled together my 50 offerings... that took some creative thinking I can tell you...

A full list of where I am going to be over the next few months is here...


2022 Events
Saturday 15th October - Meet The Maker Fair - Buckingham
Saturday 5th November - Incredible Makers Market - Kettering
Thursday 10th November - Duston Village Bakery Shopping Evening
Saturday 19th November - Christmas Fair - Molesworth
Sunday 20th November - Christmas Fair Mawsley
Saturday 26th November - Meet The Maker Fair Buckingham
Sunday 27th November - GSD Christmas Market - Duston
Sunday 11th December - The Mud Kitchen Cafe - Cogenhoe
Tuesday 13th Dec - RS Components Craft Market

More dates may follow !

There is MORE... Gulp... It's the small instance of a rather BIG birthday to be celebrated here in early October...  Gadzooks !

Yeah... somehow I'm going to hit FIFTY !!! I've ummmed and ahhhhhed about how to deal with this rather clunky milestone... and have finally decided to hell with it ! Embrace it !!! I am what I am ! I am ME !!! So... we are going to be taking a short break away in my beloved Cornwall with Friends... The BIG day is October 7th... so I do plan an exciting GIVEAWAY on my ScruffyDog Facebook Page that weekend to share the celebration... So keep your eyes peeled for THAT !

I rarely do this sort of thing, but thought it could be fun... I am off to create the piece today !  I have alot of ideas... so this will give me a chance to play !

So there we have it ! So much to look forward to ! For bouts of downtime and sanity I whizz myself off to a lake and fling myself in! With Sywell and Daventry out of action due to pesky blue green algae blooms I've been travelling further from home and have just done an incredible night swim over at Rutland Water - what an experience that was... I have never swam with so many people ! All with glowsticks tucked into their swimhats and flashing lights in their tow floats ! Also Stoney Cove near Hinkley... a converted quarry that has become the centre for British Scuba Diving and another new spot to me... It is strange swimming knowing there are scuba divers about to surface at any moment and I hope to head back there again very soon... The water temperature is definately dipping and I fully intend to swim thoughout winter again...

Just one more thing whilst I remember ! It's time to say goodbye to Zeath Gallery - after an amazing summer season, my time there is coming to an end... I will be working in the Gallery on Wednesday 5th October and then I bring home what's left of my collection when we head back up country... Such a wonderful opportunity for me - can't wait for my next day working the shop - living my absolute dream - however temporarily...

I am a very lucky Girl.

Right enought nattering ! I have heaps to do !!!

Have a BRILLIANT day... 
If you want me... I'll be in The Shed !

Steph x