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Caring For Your Silver

Caring For Your Silver... a few tips...

As a natural material, silver reacts with its environment, especially the chemicals in the air and... after a while... silver does become tarnished. This doesn’t mean that your fabulous treasure is defective, far from it... it just proves that your beautiful piece is good quality silver.

It’s very easy to get your silver jewellery back to its former sparkle and, like most things, the earlier you catch the tarnish the easier it is to get rid of it. When tarnish starts to turn any colour from yellowy brown to black you may have to get it professionally cleaned.
There are some preventative steps you can take... Cleaning your silver regularly is one way to avoid tarnish... but you can also avoid it by wearing your jewellery often...the oils in your skin keep it shining !!! Just be careful that when you’re wearing your silver that you don’t expose it to household chemicals, hair products, perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration, rubber, latex, chlorinated water or direct sunlight if you can help it !

To clean untarnished silver (and keep it that way), use a phosphate-free detergent or non-abrasive cloth made for cleaning jewellery - these cloths should come with a built in jewellery cleaner... 

Avoiding (or at least reducing) tarnish is easy, just make sure you put your make-up, perfume and hairspray on before you put your jewellery on - and take off your silver jewellery before you go swimming and laying in the sunshine!!! Getting dressed just like your Nan used to, with jewellery last, has more than just quaint traditionalism to recommend it - it’s a habit that’ll help keep your jewellery sparkling and beautiful.