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About Me

ScruffyDog has now leapt into keeping me busy fulltime having been made redundant after 28 years service as a PA\Admin girl !  It simply gives me a chance to let out my creative side and get messy... I have been bashing silver and creating metal mischief for many years... I'm going to grab this chance I have been presented with to see how far I can go.  It's somehow already been four years... and I'm still rolling with it !

Each piece is crafted and finished by hand.  All designs are my own... 

I like to use only sterling silver… I like to mix up designs with copper and the odd splash of gold...  I pick up materials from here and there… often stumbling over treasure in the most unlikely of places… meaning much of my work is a real one off.

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So… Why Scruffy Dog? Well that is because I re-branded my fledgling little business back in 2011 as a tribute to our first dog… my beloved Bearded Collie BadgerBear… she was an old soul in a furry coat...

Steph x

Top photo courtesy of www.barefootphotographics.co.uk