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Blog Edition #4

Goodbye July !!! It's been a CRACKER !

This summer is hurtling on by... but I am cramming as MUCH in as I can... and I am so enjoying myself ! Not necessarily the things I had planned... once again most of those have been cancelled out for the second year on the bounce so I've been trying new things... if you have been following the odd story over on Instagram you will know I plunge into Sywell Reservoir twice a week for a spot of open water swimming... I also join Mr D who volunteers for the on-water SUP support when needed. This has opened up a whole new wonderful world to me... I am meeting heaps of fabulous people... I am being pushed in ways I never expected... I am in danger of gettting fit!!! I see such beautiful countryside and mother nature up close... It really does soothe my soul and makes me feel magic... this in turn I feel is feeding directly into my creativity... I am enjoying myself so much down The Shed. I have an energy that I don't think I have ever had before !

ScruffyDog is gathering momentum once again after my break in June... Christmas (Yes I know!!!) orders are beginning to roll in... this is phenomenal ! Orders from the online ScruffyDogShop happily trickle in on a regular basis... All that laptop wrestling and exploring what I could do better online is worth it.. There is so much to constantly juggle behind the scenes... but trying to funnel all things via my website seems to be one of my better ideas... Now all my Commission Work is listed on there with a private link given to each Customer... so anyone interested in having a bespoke piece made can, at a glance, see what it is I can do... folks have every option out there on how to pay and afterwards can leave a review... It all ties in together quite neatly !

My ScruffyDog diary remains frustratingly empty with regards to any Fairs and Markets... I am hoping, I have heard whispers, of potential events being run in the Autumn and in the lead up to Christmas... So pawscrossed they are able to happen this time.

So for now I do what I can !

After a smashingly successful ScruffyDogPopUpShop perched outside Duston Village Bakery a few weeks ago... there will most definitely be a return... I shall be back sometime in September... I really think this is a fab idea... I can get out and about, showcase my work, meet people...natter... It naturally lends itself to only being able to serve 1 or 2 customers at a time, meaning you get all my attention and its a happy and relaxed way to browse. I have tentatively approached a couple of other business spaces locally where I think it could work beautifully... benefiting both parties... but have yet to get any thumbs up... but I am determined ! I shall keep trying ! I do think I need to tweak the balance back from being predominantly online due to the lockdowns, to getting back out there in person. ScruffyDog is just ME ! A one lady band... handcrafting jewellery... I'm proud of what I do... I love what I do ! I love to natter and eat cake !

I think at first small events is where I'll begin again... I have ummmmm'd and ahhhhh'd a thousand times over at whether to apply for a stall at MKHandmade & Vintage this September... and the truth is I'm not ready... silverwise, I have little readymade stock as having been just online for the past 16months means most treasure is made to order... it would take a herculean effort and significant outlay to create a collection of work for such a big event... and am I ready to stand inside a shopping centre for 2 days solid??? Honestly... no I don't believe I am... But... I am happy to welcome folks to my home... to browse the ScruffyDogCabinet or Cupboard as someone affectionately called it... by appointment only. I have just floated this idea and already this week 4 people have bobbed along to 'shop' and to discuss potential commission work... working up sketches together down The Shed. This has been fabulous fun. Everyone seems to bring biscuits !!!

Think thats enough natter for now ! Thanks to you all for keeping me so busy... I have ooodles of new design ideas bubbling about my head... the ear threaders are a work in progress... the twin ring choker pendants have gone down a storm and I am happily working up sketches for bespoke requests... Have what YOU want on them... so watch this space... please remember too that ScruffyDog works best by word of mouth by happy folks... so any like, share, review on my socials is golddust and much appreciated...

Toodlepip ! *reaches for a biscuit*

Steph x

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