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H E L L O !

Rather late on parade this month ! We are already well into the month of May ! My excuse? It's all a little happily manic here at ScruffyDog !

Since we last nattered I've been out and about at a couple of markets, this brought in an unexpected bow-wave of personalised bespoke orders from folks who want to mark special days for their Friends and Family... My orderbook is full of exciting and sometimes challenging requests... It's how I learn, how I grow and keeps me on my toes !

We grabbed a few days down in our beloved Cornwall to celebrate Mr D's Birthday and did a hatrick of fabulous sea-swims in different locations... Bude Seapool was my absolute favourite ! What a spot !

Travelling back up country my gloomy face was turned upside down by a surprise phone call from the folks at Zeath Gallery, Polzeath... inviting me back for the summer... They are now stocking a lovely collection of my work and when I next head back down at various times over the summer I will be working a shift or two in the Gallery ! How absolutely exciting is THAT ! I can't tell you how thrilled I am... It's a smashing space, run soley by the artists that showcase their work inside. So watch out... if you do visit... I might be lurking behind the counter... Living my dream... The Gallery is literally a hop, skip and a step away from the beach. A giant parcel of treasure was posted down last week... it's now been displayed beautifully and I can't wait to see it ! I can't wait to be a shopkeeper by the sea !!!

I am now pulling an exciting collection together for Katie Goddards Gallery in Olney ! Told you it was a bit hectic ! I am moving in there in the beginning of June... More on that next month ! Here is a sneak peep of some of the bits I have made already...

In other news... A fellow creative and friend, Holly from RockitKids launched her awesome adult range of clothing and I keep on finding my own funny face on my feeds when scrolling through with a cuppa ! I'll NEVER get used to that ! Holly asked me to model her Kitty Custard Sweater Dress... on roller skates, in sunnies, with a pom pom crown... What an incredible experience that was... and if I am being honest... as someone who has always been a little self-concious about my size and shape... the whole thing has given me a giant confidence boost! I'm almost 50. I'm a larger than average bear. But I'm me... and now I'm beginning to finally accept it.


So... while the summer slowly warms up... this is MY favourite time of the year... I am a sunshine girl... Whilst I concentrate on my orderbook, the online ScruffyDogShop, keeping both my stockists happy too... I don't tend to venture out much to events... my weekends are now firmly eaten up with family time and also volunteering at my local open water swim spots (Sywell & Daventry) and I seem to have fallen into being part of the OWS Team... Mr D has done it for a while and has so much fun... I decided to join him... This way I get the best of everything... I float about the water nattering to swimmers and making sure everyone is happy and having fun... then afterwards I jump off my paddleboard and have a swim myself...

If you fancy joining in - check out the Northamptonshire Sport website for all the details... Sywell is every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning... Daventry every Sunday morning... So with everything going on... and as a little treat to myself... this arrived last week... My new ride... What a beauty huh ! You won't miss me out on the water !

Told you it's been a little busy !   No complaints here !!!  I just sometimes need another pair of hands at times !

The month of June is always earmarked for serious family time with planned adventures that have rolled over the past couple of years and break away and concerts to go to... so... I have made the very difficult decision to turn ScruffyDog off from June 8th and re-open again with a bang in July...  My orderbook is also closed from now to give me a chance to clear that before I head off on my travels...  but remember - you can still find ScruffyDog inside Zeath Gallery, Polzeath and soon in Olney...

Enough nattering for now

Catch you soon !
Steph x